For decades now, literate and non-literate Nigerians are not afraid to say openly that the standard of education has fallen generally in Nigeria. Though many conferences and workshops have been held to redeem the fallen standard of Education, the status quo has instead become a monster that is dreaded by all without a foreseeable solution. Recently, poetic literature has attracted similar comments. The internet (https//>current) is inundated and aghast with comments like “poetry is dead” or “Poetry will die without change.” Statistics is that 98% of literary pieces in current journals on poetry are replete of forms written decades ago or creativity forced into formulas established almost two centuries ago. However, there is an assertion that poetry needs an avant-garde. By this, the advocacy is for new and very modern ideas/innovations in poetic literature to emerge. Using Pragmatics/Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) as research methodology on selected poems of Joseph Ushie, one of Nigeria’s popular fourth generation/Niger Delta poets, this paper seeks to establish that poetry is not dead and will never die. Instead, it is the fastest growing genre in the publishing industry today with new forms and modern approaches.



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